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International healthcare arrangements for expatriates vary from country to country, and even where there are established state schemes, entitlement to such care for the expatriate worker may be restricted or non-existent. More importantly, in certain parts of the world, the standard of healthcare you might expect as an expatriate just may not be available.  In addition, polices may be linked to a local currency with less value in the event your family have to return home should the worst happen

Whatever the situation, without adequate expatriate health and life insurance the cost of paying for even the most basic of care could be very high - and that is if you can find the right hospital or doctor in the first place.

The answer for a growing number of expatriates and international companies is to protect their family or employees through international benefits in an international currency. 

We can offer the following types of cover:


What we offer

1.      Expatriate health insurance cover


When you choose an international health insurance policy, you want the reassurance that you can count on it wherever you are in the world, at any time. With products from Morgan Price you have that assurance.


Our products are underwritten by leading Insurers around the world. Contact us for details of the Insurer applicable to your specific policy.

With all Morgan Price expatriate health insurance plans you will enjoy the following:

·         Flexibility

Our plans have different levels of benefits and are split into geographical areas to assist with your choice of the most appropriate cover for your expatriate circumstances.

·         Wide range of benefits and tailoring in some instances

We cover in-patient and day-patient hospital treatment costs, as well as offering a wide range of comprehensive out-patient benefits. In addition, there is cover available for routine dental treatment and routine maternity costs (after 12 months membership).

All our international healthcare plans include evacuation benefits as standard, in case you need emergency in-patient treatment which cannot be given to you at your point of need.

·         Health checks

We have included cover for routine health checks on our more comprehensive plans (after 24 months membership) as we feel prevention is just as important as treatment.

·         Emergency Assistance

All of our plans include access to our 24 hr multi lingual assistance helpline, 365 days per year. For emergency admissions to hospital you should contact us within 48 hours. This will give us the opportunity to arrange the direct settlement of your hospital bills. 

As a Morgan Price customer, you will have access to a multi lingual assistance helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need hospital treatment simply call the helpline, and we will make all the arrangements to have you treated and in most cases will settle any bills directly with the treatment provider.

·         Claims Service

Our expatriate claims service is provided by experts in this area and provides our international clients with a fast, efficient and personal service. Claims payments are wired directly to the treatment provider, or if you have paid them yourself and are claiming back from us, directly into your bank account. What could be easier?

For a complete list of covered benefits please refer to the Benefits Table of your chosen international healthcare plan.

·         What we don’t cover

Whilst we try to ensure that our policies are as comprehensive as possible, we cannot provide cover for everything. The following is a list of the major exclusions from our policies:

Pre existing conditions - generally we do not pay for treatment for any condition that you experienced or had treatment or advice for prior to the start of your cover with us. However we may pay for such a condition provided that you have no further treatment, advice, medication, tests or symptoms for that condition in a consecutive 2 year period immediately after the date that your cover starts with us.

Chronic conditions - these are conditions that are not curable and which are generally maintained or managed by ongoing treatment or medication. Examples are asthma or diabetes. We don't pay for the routine maintenance of such conditions, but we may pay for the diagnosis and treatment of new conditions which occur after the start date of your cover with us.

We will pay for cancer treatment if it is diagnosed after your start date with us.

For a complete list of the exclusions to our policies please refer to the Policy wording - Exclusions section.



2.      ExpatLifeCare - International Term Life Insurance

Morgan Price ExpatLifeCare Term Insurance Policies are available as annually renewable policies for a period of up to 10 years.  They are designed to provide continuous coverage for a person until normal retirement age or until the end of your required period of cover – whichever is sooner.

The policy will generally provide for a lump sum settlement to dependants (or a beneficiary of your choice) of the life assured (generally the primary breadwinner) in the event of his or her death. It can also provide a settlement to you in the event that you were to suffer a permanent or total disability. The policy provides various geographical areas of coverage, and is designed to cover a wide variety of occupations, locations and circumstances. Coverage can be for any amount between US$50,000 up to US$15 million, depending on your individual requirements. This plan is also available in Sterling and Euros.

Contact us for details.


3.      Other Insurance

Morgan Price can provide a wide range of other types of insurance to the expatriate, international traveller or overseas citizen.  Please contact us for details or to provide us with your requirements if you are living, travelling or working overseas.


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