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An issue that can arise for expatriates and travellers alike, is not just the access to appropriate medical care, but in the event of an accident or life threatening illness, the access to safe screened blood supplies.  In an effort to continually develop our service to clients, Morgan Price has teamed up with the Blood Care Foundation to ensure that supplies of sceened blood of your type can be available wherever you may be in the world where the local supplies are unavailable or unreliable.

The Blood Care Foundation is a charitable, not for profit organisation, registered in the United Kingdom. The Foundation operates a Blood Care Programme, which is designed to provide screened blood, in an emergency, to Morgan Price International Healthcare plan members in any part of the world.

The programme is designed to alleviate the shortages of blood, which occur in many parts of the developing world. These shortages have numerous causes. Amongst the most important are cultural taboos, financial constraints and a high incidence of transfusion transmitted diseases in the donor pool, including diseases such as HIV I and II, hepatitis B and C and malaria. The provision of blood cover by the Foundation, particularly to expatriate communities, business travellers and their spouses and to holiday-makers, ensures that the local supplies of blood remain available to the inhabitants of that particular country and are not depleted by travellers/expatriates etc.

Should an emergency occur, a relative or associate of the member contacts one the of Foundation’s alarm centres. The Duty Medical Officer (DMO) in the alarm centre will then contact the treating physician to identify the transfusion requirements. If a transfusion is required, the DMO will arrange for the provision of resuscitation fluids from a local Regional Supply Point, where available, and for a courier to take blood to the patient. 

The Foundation operates a global network of blood banks, enabling it to provide blood, to almost any location in the world within 12 - 18 hours, subject to the availability of scheduled air services. The couriers are anaesthetists or paramedics, trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and are capable of establishing a transfusion, even in the shocked patient.

Membership of the Blood Care Foundation is provided FREE to all Morgan Price Health Plan policy holders.

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